Elisabeth is Professor of Ethics , affiliated with Lund University and Stockholm School of Theology. Between  2005-2018, she was serving as Ethicist at Church of Sweden Research Unit and served on the editorial board of Dialog, A Journal of Theology.
During recent years she has spent four periods as Visiting Scholar at Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, STIAS. During six year she served as adjunct professor in Ethics, especially Human Rights, at Uppsala University. Earlier she spent several years at Princeton University as Visiting Scholar.
After returning to Sweden in 1995, she lives in Lund, where she initially served as Senior Ethicist and Associate Professor and lecturer in Ethics and Human Rights at Lund and Malmö Universities. 2001 – 2005 she was Dean of the Pastoral Institute in Lund.
In addition to her work at the University she works as author and lecturer, academic as well as public.

Singer and songwriter

Elisabeth has performed as a singer and songwriter, during her entire life, in New York as well as all over Scandinavia. Some of her music  is available on this website.